Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Database Tools

The following database tools are available in SQL Manager for Oracle:


SQL Monitor

Displays all the SQL statements executed while working in SQL Manager for Oracle.


Execute Script

Executes SQL Scripts in the database.


Search in Metadata

Provides quick search for a string within the scope of database metadata.


Extract Database

Extracts the table metadata and/or data to an SQL Script which can be executed later on another machine to restore the database structure and/or data.


Compare Databases

Creates an SQL Script that provides database structure synchronization.


Print Metadata

Creates powerful metadata reports in the WYSIWYG mode ready for printing.


HTML Report

Creates powerful metadata reports in the HTML format.


Reports management

Tools for efficient management of reports: creating, editing, viewing, printing.


Dependency Tree

Allows you to view all the object dependencies in one diagram.


Instance Manager

Checks Oracle service status to stop or start it.


Grant Manager

Allows you to grant/revoke privileges on database objects.


Visual Database Designer

Allows you to lay out your database schema visually.