SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird version 6.1.1 releasedNew temporary table icons added, fixes for client sorting of data, improvements for SQL editor, embedded servers, localizations and more...
Christmas Sale30%OFF for all products including Maintenance renewal until December 31st
SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 6.4.1 releasedSupport for PostgreSQL 15 added, fixed errors in BLOB editor, improved code highlighting, and more ...
November Sale40%OFF for SQL Backup and SQL Administrator until November 10th
SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 6.4 releasedImprovements in work with data in table editor, support for index storage options implemented, view indices added to version control, changes made in log server viewer and DB Explorer, fixes in Grant manager, Compare databases wizard and much more...
October Oracle Sale35%OFF for all Oracle tools till the 12th of October!
September Sale30%OFF for all SQL tools and Maintenance till the 14th of September!
SQL Manager for SQL Server version 5.0.6 releasedThe ability to connect to the server without checking the server certificate, rebuilding views, correcting data import errors and many other fixes and improvements.
Postgre Days30%OFF for all PostgreSQL tools till the 17th of August
SQL Manager for MySQL version 5.9.1 releasedJSON tab added to BLOB editor, fixed error in importing DBF data, improvements in displaying DDL of tables and functions, and other minor fixes.