Licensing FAQs

The End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a contract between you and EMS that describes how you can use the software. An EULA may:

  • Tell you what changes you can make to the software
  • Limit your right to make copies of the software
  • Allow you to transfer the software or load it on a portable device
  • Tell you whether you can upgrade the software
  • Grant you specific rights to use networks

Yes. You can install a second copy of your software on your portable computer. As a registered user of our software you will be able to access it both from your desktop and laptop PC’s but not at the same time.

If you work with these servers from a single client computer, then the single license is OK.
For SQL Backup: The number of licenses of the program should correspond to the number of SQL Server instances that require the database backup.

By getting a license you become a registered user of our software and get one year Maintenance for free. Besides, within the valid Maintenance term you get primary technical support and all software updates/upgrades for free. If you purchase products that are not distributed under EMS Software Maintenance Program, you obtain free primary technical support within 12 months from the purchase date or till the next major version release, free minor software updates, and major software upgrades at 50% of the standard product price.

The number of the purchased licenses should be equal to the number of client computers where our products are installed. Nevertheless you can install a copy of our software on your home or portable computer provided that you do not use these at the same time. In this case one license is enough.
For SQL Backup: The number of licenses of the program should correspond to the number of SQL Server instances that require the database backup.

We provide several types of licenses:

  • Business license allows use of the software by one person in a corporate, government or business environment. Registered users can access the software from more than one PC but not at the same time. Please note that if you simultaneously buy two or more Business licenses you get a significant volume discount.
  • Non-commercial license allows use of the software by one person for non-commercial purposes in a non-business, non-commercial environment. Registered users can access the software from more than one PC but not at the same time. Please note that to purchase a Non-commercial license you will need to fill in the brief "Non-commercial price request" form. The processing of your request will not take more than 1 business day.
  • Academic license allows using the software for educational purposes only. If you are a representative of an educational institution and you are interested in using EMS products in the teaching process, join our Education Partner Program to get a free license for EMS products.

Yes, you can. To upgrade a Non-commercial license to a Business license you just need to pay the difference in cost between the two. Just contact our Support Team at Support Ticket System or Live Chat service

Yes, you are. For registered users of the components there are no limitations on distributing programs that use our components.

Ordering FAQs

All our products are delivered via ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) only. After the purchase you will immediately receive two notification e-mails from our e-commerce provider Share-it!: one with the necessary registration information and a download link, and another – with the invoice for the order.

For online payments via credit cards, it usually takes just a few minutes. But in some cases the process of verifying the credit card may last up to two hours. When using a bank transfer as a payment option, the registration information will be sent to you as soon as the payment arrives. Please note that when dealing with an international transfer, it may take up to two weeks.

Select the product(s) that you want to purchase by clicking the “Buy Now” link. If you are interested in more than one product, please choose the necessary product from the drop-down menu on the left and put it into the cart in the same way.

  • Confirm or change Product(s), Quantity, Price and Total
  • Carefully review the quantity applied to your order
  • Fill in the Order Form (Please, fill in each field carefully)
  • Choose Currency (if applicable)
  • Enter the Coupon [Promotion] Code (if you have one)
  • Enter your credit card or payment information and alternative billing address (if applicable)

Submit your order by pressing the Next button. Share-it! will confirm your order by displaying a message on your screen that your credit card has been billed, and will immediately provide you with necessary delivery instructions or information. You will receive both a Confirmation E-mail with your Payment details and a separate E-mail containing your Registration information and download links. Please, print or save these E-mails for they serve as your receipt and Proof of Purchase. If your order contains Downloadable (ESD) products, you will get proper instructions on downloading. 

To purchase a Non-commercial license you will need to fill in the brief "Non-commercial price request" form. The processing of your request will not take more than 1 business day.

TIP: You can click on the "Shopping Cart" link at the top of the page at any time to see what products you have selected. This allows you to see the total amount to pay, and also to remove items or modify the number of copies of a particular product that you wish to purchase.

To make it easier for you to purchase our products, we have contracted with share-it! registration service. Share-it! accepts payments by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, Diners Club), PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Check or Cash. You can use one of the following currencies available: Euro, US dollar, British pound, Australian dollar, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Russian rouble, Brasilian real, Norwegian krona, Swedish krona, Polish zloty, Chinese renminbi yuan, Taiwan dollar, Indian rupee.

We provide several types of discounts:

  • Volume discounts allow you to save your money when buying 2 or more copies of one product. You can view our Volume discounts here
  • Cross-selling discounts allow you to save your money when buying several different products for one server at once.
  • Reseller discounts are intended for the organizations that wish to resell our products to their customers. Just register for our Reseller Program and you are on your way of making from 20 to 40% commission on every sale of EMS software.

NOTE: EMS reserves the right to cancel or change offers and/or promotions at our own discretion. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some offers and/or promotions may be limited in quantity or not valid in certain areas. Please, direct all tech support issues to Support Ticket System.

All information about your orders (order number, date of purchase, registration information, etc.) is available at your SQLManager.net member account, provided that your purchases are assigned to your member account (if not, you can assign them at the "Register My Product" section).

We're convinced that our customers are interested in making a well-informed purchase decision. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of our free trial software downloads, available on our website. We also encourage you to explore the product pages of our website to obtain comprehensive information about any product. 

Nevertheless, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all software products.*

To request a refund for your downloaded (ESD) software purchase, please, submit a request through our Support Ticket System. In your message you should describe the problem and explain why you want to return the product. Please, include your name, e-mail address and the reference number of your order. You will find the reference number in the purchase confirmation e-mail.

As soon as your request is reviewed and approved, we will contact you. In case of a refund we expect you to delete the registration key/key file, uninstall the software and not have them copied or saved in any other way.

This money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days from the purchase date. After a 30-day period from the purchase we can refund you the money only if both of the following conditions are met:

  • If you can't work properly with our product because it has major bugs.
  • If we can’t fix these bugs within one week.

* Please, note that in case of a refund, the refund processing fee of about 7% will be deducted from the refund amount. 

If you cannot find solution there, please, submit a request to our Support Ticket System.

Please, create a quote, using the “Get Quote” link at the product page. Then email or fax us a company purchase order starting with the quote number. Or use the quote as a purchase order: sign and fax it back to us. We will invoice you ASAP. 
In order to get a quote for several products, please contact our Sales Department via Support Ticket System.

Registration FAQs

If you have purchased our software, simply proceed with registering our product using the received registration key. It is not necessary for you to re-download or re-install our software. Once you complete your product registration, the "Trial expired" message will no longer appear.

First of all, you should receive a notification e-mail from Share-it (our e-commerce provider) which contains your registration information.

Registering SQL Studio, SQL Manager and Utilities
Once you receive your registration information, simply open the registration dialog in the purchased program (Help/Register…) and enter the registration name and registration key there. This dialog can also be accessed through the Enter Registration Code button at the program Welcome window.
If you purchase EMS SQL Management Studio, please make sure to register SQL Studio itself, not its separate components. To register SQL Studio, please go to the “Help/Register SQL Studio” main menu item.
Make sure that the registration process was completed successfully – check it out at the About window at the main menu: “Help/About…”.

Registering SQL Backup
When you purchase SQL Backup you receive a License Key. Having installed the client- and server–side parts of SQL Backup, you need to activate the server-side part of SQL Backup. To get an activation code, please do the following:

  1. Run SQL Backup
  2. Connect to SQL Server
  3. Right-click this server in the server list and select “Activate license on ...”
  4. Follow the steps in the Wizard

Registering EMS Components (Advanced Excel Report, Advanced PDF Generator or Advanced Localizer)
You should receive a notification e-mail from Share-it which contains the download link for the full version and the password. Download the product archive and decompress it with the password that you received. Be sure to keep the download link for further product updates.
Advanced Data Export/Import components, as well as Advanced Query Builder are protected by a text key, like most EMS tools. This one should be entered at the corresponding step of the component Installation wizard.

Yes, a registered copy of our components includes full source code.

All our registered users receive free technical support and have the right to get software updates and upgrades for free or at a discounted price. If you purchased products with Maintenance, you are eligible for free unlimited technical support and free software updates/upgrades within the valid Maintenance period. In case you purchased products without Maintenance, you have the right to obtain guaranteed free technical support during 12 months since the purchase date or till the next major release, as well as to get free minor software updates and major upgrades at half price. Besides, your suggestions on enhancing the software will be added to the wish-list to be implemented in new versions of our products.

The trial versions of SQL Managers and most utilities are fully functional and do not differ from the full versions. EMS Data Export, Data Import, and Data Pump trial versions have one functional limitation, though: they allow processing only 20% of the available data, which is still enough to test out their functionality and performance. EMS Data Generator trial version is limited to generating 100 records only. 
The evaluation period for all our products lasts 30 days following the initial installation.

If you have lost your registration key, please, visit our Support Ticket System and create a ticket in the “Software – Lost Key Request” category. Do not forget to provide us with the following information: your order number, product name and version, registration name/key and billing or delivery e-mail. This information will help us to find your order quickly and re-send the registration information to you. We highly recommend you to make backup copies of your software and registration information. 
The registration information for purchased products is also available at the Customer Area of your SQLManager.net member account at the “My Products” section, if your orders are assigned to your member account (if not, you can assign them at the "Register My Product" section).

Sorry, no. When a customer purchases a software license, the software is registered in the customer's name. Once registered, this software cannot be transferred to a third party. EMS provides technical support only to the original customers.

Upgrading FAQs

Unfortunately no. You may use the product as long as you like because EMS software licenses are perpetual and once you buy a license, you own it. However after your Maintenance is expired, your software version will not be supported any longer, i.e. you won’t be able to get any product updates and premium technical support and other benefits available only for the owners of valid Maintenance. You can renew Maintenance at any time. But please mind that Maintenance cannot be interrupted. You can get more information about EMS Software Maintenance Program at Maintenance - FAQ.
All registered users of our software, independently of the license type they own, have the right to upgrade their products. Licenses for all EMS products* include one year of Maintenance for free.
The registered user can get free upgrades of the purchased software within the valid Maintenance term. After Maintenance is expired, no upgrades of the software are possible until the Maintenance is renewed.
You can get more information about EMS Software Maintenance Program at Maintenance FAQs.
In order to get the up-to-date information about available updates for your software, you can subscribe to our free newsletter. If you haven’t got an automatic notification about new available versions, you can come back to our web site and check out the Product News. You can also check if you use the latest software version by visiting the corresponding Product Files page.
Basically, there are two upgrading options:
1) You should download the full installation package anew and install it on the same workstation as your original version, which will be overwritten. All settings will be saved.
2) You can update SQL Manager and SQL Studio components through the Direct service available in the program. A pop-up window will tell you about available updates. Click Yes to download these updates (Internet connection is a must). You can also set the interval for Automatic polling of the network in search of updates.
The update procedure performed either way will not require any additional registration.

Maintenance FAQs

The Maintenance term begins on the purchase or delivery date (whichever is later) of your software product.

Sure you can! If your maintenance has expired, you may reinitiate your maintenance by paying maintenance fee for a new contract term. Please mind that Maintenance period cannot be interrupted. This means that your current Maintenance period expiration date will be set as the starting date for the renewed Maintenance term.

There is no deadline to renew or reinitiate Maintenance. However, it is beneficial for you to renew it before the expiration date or as soon as possible after the old contract has expired  because Maintenance period can not be interrupted. This means that your current Maintenance period expiration date will be set as the starting date for the renewed Maintenance term.

You can check your Maintenance expiration date in the About dialog box of your EMS software (Help/About) or at the "My Products" section in your SQLManager.net account.

In case you purchased an EMS product with Maintenance, your Maintenance will be activated automatically after you enter the registration key in the registration dialog in your program. But if you purchased Maintenance separately you should simply open the registration dialog in your program and enter your registration name and maintenance key there.
Sure you can! EMS software licenses are perpetual and once you buy a license, you own it. You may use the product as long as you like. Nevertheless, after your Maintenance is expired, you won’t have access to any product updates, technical support and other benefits available only for the owners of valid Maintenance.

The EMS Software Maintenance Program is a cost-effective and comprehensive program that includes technical support, software updates, and many other benefits. When you participate in the software maintenance program, you automatically receive the newest versions of EMS software upon release at no additional cost. This allows you and your organization to keep up with the latest software technology developments, take advantage of usability improvements, and manage software licenses more easily. As a participant of the EMS Software Maintenance Program you are eligible for:

  • Technical Support assistance from skilled and experienced professionals
  • Communications for the purpose of consultation on operational aspects of the software
  • Free software enhancements, updates and upgrades during the maintenance period
  • Access to personalized SQLManager.net account
  • On-line, speed-through maintenance renewal
  • Advanced and exclusive notification of software promotions
  • "Maintenance Owner ONLY" product promotions

Yes, sure. You can buy 1-year, 2- or 3-year maintenance. Purchasing 2- or 3-year maintenance is a better option from a pricing standpoint if you would prefer longer term coverage, since maintenance pricing depends on the period you purchase it for, and makes:
50% of SRP / year - for 1 year
40% of SRP / year - for 2 years
35% of SRP / year - for 3 years.
In order to purchase a product with 2- or 3-year maintenance you should just select the corresponding option when you place your order.

Please contact our Support Team at Support Ticket System or Live Chat service or you can simply e-mail us at sales@sqlmanager.net.
For questions and answers regarding licenses, see the License FAQ.

Maintenance pricing is a percentage of the SRP (Standard Retail Price) of the product for which maintenance is purchased. Maintenance pricing depends on the period you purchase it for and makes:
1 year Maintenance - 50% of the product SRP;
2 year Maintenance - 40% of the product SRP per each year;
3 year Maintenance - 35% of the product SRP per each year.
Thus, if you would prefer longer term coverage, you can purchase 3 year Maintenance for only 105% of the product SRP, which is a lot cheaper compared to paying 50% annually. Maintenance will always be quoted as a percentage of SRP rather than of net, or purchase, price. Pricing for maintenance terms beyond 3 years will be provided upon request.

The purchase and renewal of maintenance is the same process as purchasing licenses. Software maintenance for eligible products may be renewed via your personalized SQLManager.net account. Your SQLManager.net account reflects all of your software purchases and maintenance contract dates, and allows you to renew Maintenance for the purchased software.
To renew Maintenance for any EMS product please do the following:

  • Login to your Member Account
  • Make sure that the necessary product is assigned to your Member Account at the "My Products" section (if not, please, register it at the "Register My Product" section)
  • At the "Renew Maintenance" section choose the necessary product and follow the "Renew Maintenance Wizard"

Installation FAQs

If you have downloaded a product from our website, please make sure that you have downloaded the file completely. You can check if the download was complete by comparing the downloaded file size with the correct file size described on the download Web page. If the file sizes are the same, make sure that you have downloaded the proper version of the software that must meet your OS requirements. Also, check if your computer meets the product requirements described on the product Web page. If you are still experiencing problems with product installation, please, report to our Support Service.
Please, make sure that this dynamic library file exists in the product directory. Possibly you’ve downloaded the ‘executable-file only’ version being new to the product. This version is suitable only for users who have already downloaded and installed the ‘full installation package’ and who need to update the product. For the first time installation of our products you should use only ‘full installation package’ versions.

Downloading FAQs

All downloads are available at the products pages as well as in the main Downloads section. Make sure to review carefully the product descriptions and notes at the product pages to verify that you are downloading the proper product for your needs.
Although everyone can be anonymous on the Internet, our registration process can help us to learn users of our products better. Also your Member account provides you with access to a variety of benefits, such as the following:
  • Download trial and full versions of EMS software
  • Get the latest news about EMS and third party products
  • Get free product extras and special offers from EMS
  • Get free access to our Support Service
It takes only a few minutes to register and there is no cost associated with your membership. Any information received from our users will not be sold, shared, or rented to others in ways different from those disclosed in our Privacy Policy.
For trial versions, beta versions, updates or upgrades we usually provide more than one download site. Therefore, if the download failed on your first attempt, please try again by clicking another site. If you have tried all the links listed but are still having problems, please try downloading again after a couple of hours. There might be a problem with our server - sometimes this occurs when the Internet is at its busiest, but the situation will only be temporary. If you are still experiencing problems with downloading, report a downloading problem. We'll fix the problem ASAP.