Database Analysis Solutions

Work with databases involves the processing and analysis of large volumes of data. The efficiency of business tasks depends on the speed and convenience of these processes.
SQL Query is a basic tool for quick and easy execution of database queries, viewing the results of execution and the ability to build a plan and diagrams.
To test the performance of a developed copy of the database, it is often required to fill it with test data. Data Generator will help to quickly generate the necessary amount of data, with reference to required dependencies and conditions.
DB Comparer is an indispensable assistant in database development. This tool with a convenient interface allows you to compare and transfer changes from the developing copy to the working database.
Data Comparer can perform the task of comparing and synchronizing data on different databases within the same server type. A convenient visual wizard will gradually adjust the necessary parameters for data comparing and transferring, and you can see all the differences. It is possible to automate the execution of typical synchronization tasks using the console version of the utility, which will save your time and money.
Data Comparer

Compare and synchronize the contents of your databases. Automate your data migrations from development to production database.

DB Comparer

Compare and synchronize the structure of your databases. Move changes on your development database to production with ease.

SQL Query

Analyze and retrieve your data, build your queries visually, work with query plans, build charts based on retrieved data quickly and more.

Data Generator

Generate test data for database testing purposes in a simple and direct way. Wide range of data generation parameters.

SQL Management Studio

EMS SQL Management Studio is a complete solution for database administration and development. SQL Studio unites all must-have components that focus on the most critical database management tasks in one powerful and easy-to-use environment.