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Design, explore and maintain databases, build compound SQL query statements, manage database user rights, and manipulate data fast and convenient.

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Powerful query editor

Use code completion, info hints, templates and other useful editor features to simplify writing of complex queries. Improve SQL code navigation with customized formatting and code folding.

Query designer

No need to get into SQL syntax details with our visual tool for creating any type of queries. Simply select fields on the diagram, move them to create joins, set criteria, grouping, filtering and sorting in the grid below.

Data import and export

Export data from tables, views and queries into popular file formats (MS Excel, MS Word, XML, MS Access, PDF, TXT, CSV, etc) without efforts. Use Import data wizard to upload data into table from a file or even update existing data. Flexible settings simplify processing of any data in the required format. Save your time with templates for most repeated actions.

Debugging of triggers, functions and procedures

Improve code quality debugging your code directly in the IDE. Minimize and locate errors with step-by-step execution, variables, watches, call stack and breakpoints in our debugger.

Database designer

This tool allows designing a database visually in terms of entities and relations. All changes introduced in the ER-diagram can be implemented automatically to the database by creating the appropriate objects. Reverse Engineer function allows creating the diagram based on the existing entities and links.


Efficient reports management

Simplify the process of creating reports with build-in wizards and editors. Document your database structure in a few clicks as HTML document or PDF file. Create simple or advanced data reports and save them in different formats.

Database maintenance tasks

Get all tools for maintaining database at your hand: wizards for backing up and restoring databases, rebuilding indices, validating databases and more. Retrieve database statistics to optimize performance and resources.

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SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

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