Database Migration Solutions

Our environment is constantly changing and its informational part is no exception. That is why tasks of converting and transferring databases to other platforms or servers arise periodically. It is quite difficult to take into account all the features and functional differences of the platforms, but our programs will help the system administrator to deal with this task.

Data Pump utility is the most useful tool when migrating a database to a new server type. A convenient wizard will help you to configure the connection to the source and target server, as well as to care about all the features of the syntax when transferring tables and data.

Data Export and Data Import utilities will help you to upload and download data in the most popular formats. You can perform operations both in manual mode and automatically in the command line mode.

Using Extract Database, you can create a backup copy of the database in the form of an SQL script for subsequent execution on the target server. In this case, the program will place the objects in the correct order based on dependencies, and you only need to set the script settings in the step-by-step wizard.
Data Export

Export your data to any of 20 most popular data formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML and more

Data Import

Import your data from MS Access, MS Excel and other popular formats to database tables via user-friendly wizard interface.

Data Pump

Migrate from any ADO-compatible sources to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, InterBase/Firebird, Oracle or DB2 databases.

DB Extract

Create database backups in the form of SQL scripts, save your database structure and table data as a whole or partially.

SQL Management Studio

EMS SQL Management Studio is a complete solution for database administration and development. SQL Studio unites all must-have components that focus on the most critical database management tasks in one powerful and easy-to-use environment.