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SQL Backup for PostgreSQL

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SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.4 released
Considerable improvement of backing up speed, advanced interface for viewing task history, and other improvements...
EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.3 released
Support for PostgreSQL 12, restore functionality added and other improvements and bugfixes...
EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.2 released
Connection via SSH tunneling, history of task launches, improved performance and minor fixes...
EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.1 released
New backup format added, notifications for some actions and other useful features implemented to increase productivity and usability...
SQL Backup for PostgreSQL released!
Reliable tool to create automated backup tasks...

EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL


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EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL is an easy-to-use GUI tool to create backups for multiple PostgreSQL servers from a single console. You can use automatic backup tasks with advanced schedules and store them in local or remote folders or cloud storages.

Quick backup

Easily create quick manual backups for any registered database. If all required settings are pre-set, you can perform the operation with one click only!

Cloud services

Upload backup files directly to cloud storages, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can send files to several storages simultaneously to provide fail safety. FTP, SFTP and local or remote folders are also supported.

Automation of backup tasks

Create tasks for automatic backup operations with advanced step-by-step wizard. Add as many schedules as needed and select local or UTC time format for task execution.

Targeted data and object backup

Save time and space by selecting which objects must be included in the backup. Сreate black and white lists and set advanced options for target structure.

Friendly GUI application

Increase productivity managing all backups from a single console. You can create and monitor all backup tasks from your PC.

Key Features

  • Ability to manage backups of all your servers from a single user-friendly application
  • Step-by-step wizards to set advanced backup options
  • Backup of either data, structure or both
  • Implemented compression to reduce backup size
  • White list to filter objects or schemas
  • Support for most of PostgreSQL server versions starting with 7.4 up to the latest one
  • Secure connection with SSL
  • Support of cloud storages: Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Support of Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure storages
  • Support of FTP and Windows network folders (CIFS)
  • Advanced wizard to create scheduled backup tasks
  • Monitoring task execution results in real time
  • Any task can be paused or re-started at any time
  • Connection to PostgreSQL Server through SSH

In-purchase benefits

  • FREE One Year of Maintenance already included!
  • FREE software updates and upgrades during Maintenance period!
  • FREE and unlimited Technical Support during Maintenance period!
  • Reasonable pricing for Maintenance renewal – from 35% per Year!
  • Volume discounts when buying two or more copies of one product
  • Cross-selling discounts on related products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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Managing all tasks from a single console

Available Versions

EMS SQL Backup PRO for PostgreSQL
EMS SQL Backup PRO is a fully-functional tool for creating scheduled or quick PostgreSQL backups. User-friendly wizards and support for multiple storage services will make cross server backup management easy and comfortable.

EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL
EMS SQL Backup contains all functions of PRO version and unlimited number of databases in tasks. It’s a perfect tool for managing PostgreSQL backups in small and medium enterprises, however using of Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure cloud services is not supported.

EMS SQL Backup Free for PostgreSQL
EMS SQL Backup FREE is a free version of SQL Backup with all functions, except for support of Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and SFTP storages and limit for 3 databases in scheduled backup tasks. It’s a great option for small enterprises. If necessary, you can always upgrade to a PRO version and remove restrictions.

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