All you need for daily SQL database administration

SQL Management Studio for IB/FB is a complete solution for administration and development of Interbase and Firebird databases. The single workbench provides you with must-have tools for managing IB and FB databases and objects, as well as for database design, migration, extraction, query building, data import and export, and running service tasks.

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Database administration

Get access to all databases and their objects from a single console and manage them with a user-friendly interface. You can create and modify all server and database objects, set necessary properties, and view detailed info in advanced visual editors.

Database Management

Transfer structure changes from development to production database automatically with Compare databases tool. Create ER diagrams for newly developed databases to quickly deploy them, monitor activity and collect info about the current DB processes. Create database maintenance tasks with advanced options and let SQL Studio run them on a regular basis.


Save valuable time on creating queries and managing SQL scripts with effective and high-performance tools, that have all features necessary for a database developer. Populate databases with test data or make data and structure reports directly from Studio.

Data Manipulation

Impressive tools for processing table data are available as easy-to-use wizards and command-line versions for scheduling. Import and export data into multiple tables at once, convert databases from other server types and automate comparison and synchronization of data between different databases.

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SQL Management Studio for InterBase/Firebird

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