Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle


SQL Manager for Oracle provides graphical interface for a number of database maintenance operations. The following services are available in SQL Manager:


Database Information

Allows you to get and modify all information on configuration parameters for the current  Oracle instance and current session.


Database Statistics

Allows you to view all the essential statistics on the specified database — system statistics, statistics on sessions (including hit ratio, information on locks and processes), statistics on storage, wait events, latches etc.


PL/SQL Profiler

Allows you to profile existing PL/SQL applications and identify performance bottlenecks.


Advanced Statistics Wizard

Allows you to collect, delete and import/export the statistics on specified objects for optimizer, as an aid to improve the performance.


TKProf Wizard

Makes possible to process trace files and create transient kernel reports.


Backup Database Wizard

Creates backup copies of your databases.


Restore Database Wizard

Restores your databases from previously created backups.



Restores data to a certain state.


Job Manager

Allows you to create, schedule and run single or recurring execution of tasks in the database.


Truncate Wizard

A useful tool for truncating table and cluster data in the specified database.


Recompile Invalid Objects

Allows you to look up invalid objects in the specified schema and recompile them using their definition.


Enable/Disable constraints

A wizard used to disable and enable the constraints of different types.


To obtain detailed information concerning specific Oracle database maintenance services, refer to the official server documentation.