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Design, explore and maintain databases, build compound SQL query statements, manage database user rights, and manipulate data fast and convenient.

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Simple managing of database and server objects

Create new objects and edit existing ones with advanced visual editors. Access any object from the database explorer, group favorite objects, search with a few clicks and customize DB tree look for easier maintaining.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Powerful SQL editor

Effective code completion, formatting and info hints will speed up your work. The editor has flexible settings, which allow adjusting its options for user needs and preferences.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Data export and import tools

Easy-to-use wizards to import and export data into popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word, XML, MS Access, PDF, TXT, CSV and more. Options to insert all or update existing records, flexible processing and customizing of data and file layout.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Advanced data manipulation

Custom filters and grouping, different forms of viewing data, sub-levels for linked data, embedded BLOB editor and other useful features will cover all your needs in editing and reviewing data.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Visual Query Builder

Build queries in visual mode, using complex joins, conditions and nested queries. You don’t need knowledge of SQL and peculiarities of DBMS syntax to make and execute rather complex queries.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Visual Database Designer

Design a database in terms of entities and relations or use Reverse Engineer feature to create a diagram based on the existing structure. All changes introduced in the ER diagram are implemented automatically to the database. If needed, supply your diagram with comments and virtual relations.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

Different types of reports

Generate different types of reports based on metadata and data. Report Designer allows building any reports from custom queries with advanced tool for creating page design. Reports can be prepared for print as well as exported to many popular formats. HTML Report documents your database in HTML format. Print Metadata tool generates the description of database metadata for printing.

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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SQL Manager for MySQL

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