Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL


SQL Manager for PostgreSQL provides graphical interface for a number of database maintenance operations. The following services are available in SQL Manager:


Analyze Tables

Collects statistics about the contents of tables in the database.


Vacuum Tables

Reclaims storage occupied by deleted tuples.



Allows you to rebuild corrupted indexes.


Download Files

Allows you to save and load files directly to/from the server machine.


Database Statistics

A tool for browsing and reporting information about database activity.


Backup Database Wizard

A tool for creating database backups.


Restore Database Wizard

A tool for restoring databases from previously created backups.


Compare Databases Wizard

Creates an SQL Script providing databases synchronization.


Instance Manager

A tool for checking PostgreSQL service status.


Server status

Provides a convenient Server Status viewer.


Server logs

Provides a convenient Server Log SQL Parser.


Server Configuration

Provides a convenient Server Configuration manager.



A tool for managing extensions which are packages that contain multiple SQL objects.



Using templates

Facilitates using SQL Manager wizards.


To obtain detailed information concerning specific PostgreSQL database maintenance services, refer to the official PostgreSQL server documentation.