Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Viewing query plan

Using SQL Manager for Oracle, you can view the plan for each of the queries created and executed in the application. The query plan is available within the corresponding Plan tab.


To view the Plan of a query, open the query in Query Data and use the btnExplainQuery Explain query item of the Navigation bar or toolbar.


The Plan tab allows you to view the sequence of actions performed by the database server in the process of the query execution, and the amount of system resources used for the query execution.


SQL Editor - Viewing query plan


The Operation panel below displays the operations as a tree list with the following columns: Operation (Operation, Options), Cost (Cost, CPU Cost, IO Cost, Est. Rows, Est. Bytes, Temp Space, bytes), Object (Database Link, Schema, Object Name, Alias, Object Type, Object Ord. Pos.), Other (Optimizer, Distribution, Start Position, Stop Position, Position ID, Search Columns, Access Predicates, Filter Predicates, Projection, Time, QB Lock Name, Data Tag, Data).

Right-click within the panel to display the context menu allowing you to configure the set of visible bands/columns or export the plan to any of supported formats.


If necessary, you can specify that the Plan tab appears automatically upon query execution in Query Data: select the CheckBox Explain query on execution option available within the Tools | Query Data section of the Environment Options dialog.