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Query Data

CheckBox Explain query on execution

If this option is checked, the query plan is displayed at the bottom of the Query Data window.


CheckBox Show result for each query

With this option checked, when you execute two or more queries, the result of each query will be displayed. Otherwise, only the result of the last query will be displayed.


CheckBox Execute selected text separately

Check this option to allow execution of the selected statement separately.


CheckBox Write only successfully executed queries to database SQL log file

If this option is checked, unsuccessful queries will not be saved to the Query Data log file (see Setting log options in the Database Registration Info dialog).


CheckBox Show results on Edit tab

If this option is checked, the Results tab is displayed as a separate tab.


CheckBox Don't save queries automatically for the next session

If this option is checked, the SQL query text will not be saved. Otherwise, it will be saved in Windows registry and will be therefore available in the next application sessions.


CheckBox Show DBMS output

Enables/disables redirection of DBMS output to Query Data log.


CheckBox Always save changes in Favorite Queries before closing

This option enables/disables saving changes in SQL queries marked as Favorite automatically upon closing the editor.


CheckBox Same queries for all databases

If this option is selected, all queries will be shared among all registered databases selected in Query Data.


CheckBox Refresh DB Explorer upon successful DDL statement execution

If this option is selected, the content of DB Explorer is refreshed each time a DDL statement is executed successfully in Query Data.


Environment Options - Tools - SQL Editor

Transaction confirmation

CheckBox Disable transaction confirmation

If this option is checked, no transaction confirmation will be required on closing Design Query and Query Data.


Specify the default action (Commit or Rollback) and this action will be performed automatically each time when you close the editor.


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