Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


Restore Database Wizard allows you to perform the database restore operation on your SQL Server system. The wizard provides flexible customization and is easy-to-use. Using this wizard you can restore backup files stored locally on the server as long as the backups stored on the remote cloud storage.


Restore operation is used to rebuild a damaged or corrupted database that has been backed up using Backup Database Wizard. You can restore the entire database, part of a database, transaction logs.


To start the operation use the Quick_Maintenance_Actions Quick Maintenance Action | iconServices_RestoreDatabase Restore Database item of the server\database popup menu or the iconServices_RestoreDatabase Restore Database item of the database context menu.


This wizard will guide you through the restore database process step by step.


Note: This step cannot be included into Policies. It can be only launched manually from Quick_Maintenance_Actions Quick Maintenance Actions.


Steps of the Restore Database wizard:

Selecting available backup

Specifying the elements of backup

Defining target database parameters

Specifying restore options

Performing operation