Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


This chapter provides you with necessary information concerning SQL Server maintenance policies.


Policy in EMS SQL Backup is a set of scheduled tasks to be performed on the servers or databases each containing a number of steps. Policy is implemented as a set of jobs in SQL Server and therefore its execution requires consistent work of SQL Agent. You can schedule one or more tasks to be executed according to the preset schedules. The policy can perform operations on a set of databases on different servers. It can be created for a server as well as for a Group of servers or Solution. To assign it automatically on policy creation you should run Policy wizard using the context menu of the corresponding elements (server, group or solution).


Each Policy execution generates the result status that informs you about successful or failed policy executions. After reviewing the errors you can ignore them or re-execute the task.

To manage policy status and process of execution go to Servers and Activities tabs.


Maintenance Policies


To start working with policy you need to create it at first.


Policies page provides all necessary tools to manage policies. Move to the page and use the CreatePolicy Create New Policy or CopyFromTemplate Create Policy from Template popup menu item.


You can easily create a template from the existing policy using CreateTemplateFromPolicy Create Template from Policy menu item. The template based on the selected policy will be automatically added to the Policy Templates list.

Note: The databases selected in the policy can be saved in template as well.


Policies at this tab can be viewed in two modes: Policy Tasks and Policy Servers. Select the Policy on the left and switch between two corresponding modes to see policy's tasks or servers on the top-level. For each object of the tree you can see more Detailed info at the bottom panel.