Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


This chapter describes the way you can manage policy, service task and schedule templates.


EMS SQL Backup has a set of standard preset templates for easy creation of policies and their elements. You can create your own policy templates or widen the template library on the basis of already created objects.


To activate the template management section switch to the Templates tab:


Policy templates

Task templates

Step templates

Schedule template


Template - Explore



How to create a new template:

Proceed to the Templates tab and add new template in the appropriate section.


How to create a template from the existing policy:

Proceed to the Policies tab and select Create template from policy from policy's popup menu.



The program provides a set of standard templates.


To ImportTemplate Import and ExportTemplate Export templates to an external *.xml file, use the ImportTemplate Import Template and ExportTemplate Export Template context items correspondingly.

To create a template copy select it in the list of templates and use the CopyTemplate Clone Template context menu item.