Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


At this tab you can view all processes initiated by EMS SQL Backup: Policies and Quick_Maintenance_Actions Quick Maintenance Actions.


The result status of the task execution is displayed in the Status column.

The same information concerning tasks execution can be retrieved from the Server History viewer.

To see more detailed log refer to the Task Details section below. You can create a detailed bugreport by using the Copy As Bugreport context menu item. After the bugreport is generated you can paste it to any text editor.

The launch of policies created from other instances of the program is also displayed at this tab; such policies are displayed as Unregistered in Policy Name column.


Activity - Explore


iconRefresh Refresh

Refreshes the Activities tab. You can also use F5 key for this action.


StopTask Stop task

Interrupts task execution.


Show_history Show task history

Opens the Server History viewer for the selected instance.


Show all tasks \ Show only active tasks

Toggles between displaying all tasks performed within 24 hours and tasks that are being executed at the moment.