Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Standalone local server-side components installer

Stand-alone local server-side components installer is a tool for local installation of server-side components on every SQL Server instance.

This installer is distributed with EMS SQL Backup for local installation on the server.


If you cannot install, modify or delete EMS SQL Backup components from the EMS SQL Backup Administration Console (using the Install server-side EMS SQL Backup components or Update/Remove server-side EMS SQL Backup components wizards) due to some reasons you can launch the installer directly on the server machine.

In order to do this copy the EMS SQL Backup setup file to the server machine and then launch it. On the third step of this wizard choose the Server-side only mode. After the EMS SQL Backup Setup wizard is finished the Installation Wizard for installing server-side components is launched.


This wizard allows you to install, modify, or delete components of the EMS SQL Backup service.



Choosing action

Configuring installation settings

Installer connection properties

Service account properties

Specifying clustered service parameters

Performing operation