Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Installer connection properties

In the Connection for [instance_name] dialog you need to configure SQL Server login that will be used by Installer and SQL Server port.


Stand-alone installer - Configuring service settings - Connection dialog


Connection settings

Specify the type of Microsoft® SQL Server™ authentication to be used for the connection: RadioButton Windows authentication or RadioButton SQL Server authentication.


RadioButton Windows Authentication

EMS SQL Backup identifies the current user by his domain name and password which are defined automatically according to his Windows domain user account.


RadioButton SQL Server authentication

EMS SQL Backup identifies user by his server login and password. Login and password management is accomplished by Login Manager.

If RadioButton Server authentication is selected as the authentication type, you should provide authorization settings: User and Password. Analyzing them a system determines information and therefore object access permissions.


Note: The specified login must be a member of the system administrator role.


SQL Server port

Identify the TCP/IP port used by the SQL Server Instance.


After connection settings are specified, click the Check connection button to check is the specified login is valid for running the Installer, i.e. the specified login exists , the password is correct and the login is a member of the sysadmin role.