Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Using Navigation bar and Toolbar

The Navigation bar and Toolbar provide quick access to tools implemented in Query Data.


SQL Editor - Using Navigation bar



The Navigation bar of Query Data allows you to:



iconDB select a database for the query



iconExecute execute the current query

iconQueries_ExplainQuery view estimated query execution plan

iconInfoMessages show/hide information messages

iconTools_QB run Design Query to design the query as a diagram

iconQueries_OpenServerCursor open cursor on client (server) side. If the server cursor is selected then the query dataset is processed with server resources, otherwise it's processed on the client side.

iconQueries_ResultsMode switch the results representation mode: on Edit tab or on separate tab

iconOptions configure Query Data within the Tools | Query Data page of the Environment Options dialog

iconRestoreDefaultSize restore the default size and position of the editor window



iconQueries_AddNewQuery add a new query (note that the current query text will not be lost)

iconQueries_RenameQuery rename the current query

iconQueries_RemoveQuery delete the query

iconQueries_RemoveAllQueries delete all queries from the editor

iconQueries_AddToFavoriteQueries edit the query text using Favorites editor and add the query to the Favorite Queries list


Depending on the current tab selection, the Navigation bar expands to one or more additional panes with tab-specific actions that can be useful for working with queries:



iconFindText activate the Find Text dialog

iconLoadFromFile load a query from an *.sql file using the Open SQL File dialog

iconSaveToFile save the query to an *.sql file

iconSaveToFileAs save the query to an *.sql file using the Save as... dialog

iconSaveAll save all queries to an *.sql file



iconFindText activate the Find Text dialog

iconSaveToFile save the query log to a file

iconLogs_ClearLog clear logs


Data Management

iconCommit commit transaction

iconRollback rollback transaction

iconTools_ExportData export the returned dataset using Export Data Wizard

iconTools_ExportAsSQLScript export the returned dataset as SQL script using the Export as SQL Script wizard

iconTools_ImportData import data



iconDebugger debug the code using the Debug T-SQL tool


Items of the Navigation bar are also available on the ToolBar of Query Data. To enable the toolbar, open the Environment Options dialog, proceed to the Windows section there and select RadioButton Toolbar (if you need the toolbar only) or RadioButton Both (if you need both the toolbar and the Navigation bar) in the Bar style for child forms group.