Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Favorites editor

For your convenience the Favorite Queries list is implemented in SQL Manager for PostgreSQL. This list is available within the iconFavoriteQueries Favorite Queries node of Database Explorer and allows you to store the most frequently used SQL queries in one location.


To add a query to the Favorite Queries list, use the iconQueries_AddToFavoriteQueries Add to Favorite Queries Navigation bar item in Query Data. The corresponding item is also available in the context menu of Query Data working area.


You can edit any of your Favorite Queries using Favorites editor.


SQL Editor - Favorites editor




Set the name of the Favorite query.



Specify where the Favorite query will be stored: in Windows Registry or in the Database. In case of Database storage "public"."pgmfavorites" table is created to store queries.


NB: If you store Favorite queries in the Windows Registry then they can be lost after the Windows reinstall. To avoid this problem save the registry branch or store Favorite queries in a database.