Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Working with Query Data area

The Editor area of Query Data editor is available within the Query tab and is provided for working with SQL queries in text mode.


For your convenience the syntax highlight, code completion and a number of other features for efficient SQL editing are implemented:

  • using object links allowing you to open the object in the associated editor;
  • ability to display line numbers;
  • code folding for statements and clauses;
  • customizable margins and gutters;
  • formatting code for better representation

and more.


If necessary, you can enable/disable or customize most of Query Data editor features using the Editor Options dialog.


The example of code completion is illustrated in the picture below. You can set the delay within the Quick code section of the Editor Options dialog or activate the completion list manually by pressing the Ctrl+Space shortcut.


SQL Editor - Working with SQL Editor area

For your convenience the possibility to use macros is implemented.

To start recording a macro, click the btnRecordMacro Record button available in the status bar area, or use the Shift+Ctrl+R shortcut.

To stop recording, click the btnStopRecordMacro Stop button, or use the Shift+Ctrl+R shortcut.

To call the recorded macro, use the btnPlayMacro Play button, or use the Shift+Ctrl+P shortcut.


Hint: To use a keyboard template, type the template name and press the Ctrl+J shortcut: the text associated with the template will be inserted automatically.


If necessary, you can print the SQL text of your query using the corresponding item of the context menu.