Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Creating/editing procedure

Use the Procedure tab of Procedure Editor to create/edit a procedure and specify its definition.



Select a schema and enter a name for the new procedure, or modify the name of the procedure being edited.

Procedure Editor - Editor


Select the language that the procedure is implemented in: SQL, C, internal, or the name of a user-defined procedural language.


The Arguments list provides the following attributes of each argument used in the function:


Type (the argument data type)

Mode (in, out, in/out)

Default value


Set the procedure arguments by right-clicking in the list and selecting iconPlus Add Argument. Once the argument is added, select its type from the Argument Type drop-down list. To delete the existing argument, select iconMinus Delete Argument from the popup menu. To reorder the arguments within the list, use the btnArrowUp Move Up and btnArrowDown Move Down items or the corresponding Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down shortcuts.



This area allows you to set the procedure definition (body).


For your convenience the syntax highlight, code folding, using macro and a number of other features for efficient SQL editing are implemented. For details see Working with Query Data area, Using the context menu and .


To execute the function you can use the btnExecuteQuery Execute item available within the Navigation bar or toolbar.