Online Documentation for Data Export for PostgreSQL

CSV options

This tab allows you to set options for the target CSV (*.csv) file.


Step 7 - Format-specific options - CSV


CheckBox Quote captions

Check this option to apply quoting for column captions in the target file.


CheckBox Quote strings

Check this option to apply quoting for string values in the target file.


Specify the column separator using the Comma drop-down list and the preferable quote character using the Quote edit-box.


Any of the following symbols can be used as a column separator:

  • , (comma)
  • ; (semicolon)
  • ' (apostrophe)
  • TAB (Tab symbol)
  • SPACE (Space symbol)



Use the drop-down list to specify the preferable output file encoding. Possible values are: ANSI, OEM, MAC, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32.


CheckBox Add byte order mark (BOM)

With this option enabled the byte order mark is added to each TXT file.