Online Documentation for Data Export for PostgreSQL

Access options

This tab allows you to set options for the target MS Access (*.mdb) and MS Access (*.accdb)file.


Set the name for the target table and specify whether the wizard should create a new table in the MS Access database if it does not exist yet, or use the existing table to export data into.


Step 7 - Format-specific options - Access 97


Specify the database password if you are exporting data to an existing MS Access database which is protected by a password.


Table Name

The name of the table within the target MS Access database.


Create table if it does not exist

Automatically creates the target table if it does not exist in the target database yet.


Export Date/Time fields as nvarchar

Enable the option to convert Date/Time data to nvarchar when exporting.


CheckBox Apply to all exported objects

Enable this option to make settings common for all objects.