Online Documentation for Data Export for PostgreSQL

PDF options

This tab allows you to set options for the target PDF (*.pdf) file.

Step 7 - Format-specific options - PDF

Fonts section allows you to define the selected item's font.

Specify the needed Font Name and Font Encoding from the appropriate drop-down lists. You can also define the Font Size.

You can change the font color by pressing the btnFontColor Font Color button.


Page Options

Page Size

Define the page size by choosing one of the standard page sizes from the drop-down list, or set the custom size by changing Width and Height.

By default standard "A4" page size is set.



Use this drop-down list to set the units of measurement for the page size and margins. Inches, millimeters and dots are available.



Select needed page orientation from this drop-down list.



Use this section to define page margins for the exported file.



Grid Options

Step 7 - Format-specific options - PDF - Grid options


At this tab you can define Col spacing, Row Spacing and Grid Line Width.


Note: For your convenience the previews illustrating the changes are displayed in the Sample area.