Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Working with SQL Monitor

With SQL Monitor window you can see all commands sent to the server from SQL Manager.


The working area of SQL Monitor lists the log of database operations and SQL queries as items, each consisting of 3 parts: Executed (the date and time of the operation), Operation (SQL statement sent to the server), Result (the result of the operation).


Items of the context menu of SQL Monitor area provide access to various functions for working with the window content. The context menu contains standard text-processing functions (Copy, Select All), spelling checking and functions for working with the content as a whole, e.g. you can set markers, move the cursor to a particular line, save the content to a file or as a favorite query, configure the editor using the properties item or preview/print the content. Most of these operations can be also performed with the corresponding hot keys used.


Implementation of the Find Text dialog and Incremental search bar contributes to more efficient work with the content of SQL Monitor.


SQL Monitor - Working with SQL Monitor