Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Find Text dialog

The Find Text dialog is provided for quick and flexible searching for specified text within the working area of SQL Manager editors.

Text to find
Enter a search string in this box. The Arrow-Down button which can be found next to the input box allows you to select any of the previously entered search strings.



CheckBox Case sensitive
This option can be used to differentiate uppercase characters from lowercase ones during the search process.
CheckBox Whole words only
Use this option to search for words only (with this option off, the search string might be found within longer words.)
CheckBox Regular expressions
Recognizes regular expressions in the Text to find field.

For example, you can type "empl*" to search for metadata containing the "empl" substring; enter "^emp" to search for words starting with "emp" or "^emp|emp$" to search for the string "emp" at the beginning or at the end of the string.

Note: The syntax of regular expressions that can be used in the Text to find field is similar to that used in Perl regular expressions. Comprehensive information about it can be found at





RadioButton Forward
Searches from the current position to the end of the working area.
RadioButton Backward
Searches from the current position to the beginning of the working area.


RadioButton Global
Searches within the entire working area, in the direction specified by the Direction setting.
RadioButton Selected text
Searches only within the currently selected text, in the direction specified by the Direction setting. You can use the mouse or block commands to select a block of text.


RadioButton From cursor
The search starts at the cursor's current position, and then proceeds either forward to the end of the scope, or backward to the beginning of the scope depending on the Direction setting.
RadioButton Entire scope
The search covers either the entire block of selected text or the entire script (no matter where the cursor is in the Editor area) depending upon the Scope options.


CheckBox Mark search result with stack marker
The option toggles marking search results. If this option is selected, stack markers are set at all search positions - this makes it possible to jump from one marker (search result) to another within the text.


Click the Show All button to highlight every occurrence of the search string.