Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Script execution

When all the script parameters are set, you can immediately execute the script in Execute Script editor.


To execute a script, click the btnExecuteQuery Execute script item of the Navigation bar or toolbar. You can also use the context menu or F9 hot key for the same purpose.


SQL Script Editor - Script execution


Note: If the CheckBox Execute selected text separately option (see the Tools | Execute Script section of the Environment Options dialog) is enabled (by default) and a text fragment is currently selected, only this fragment is executed when you click Execute script on the Navigation bar or press F9. If this option is disabled, the whole script is executed, but you can still execute the selected fragment using the corresponding Execute Selected Only item of the context menu or by pressing Ctrl+F9.


If the SQL syntax is correct, the script is executed and the 'Done!' information message appears.


SQL Script Editor - Script execution - Done


If the syntax contains errors or script cannot be executed, the corresponding error message is displayed in the status bar area at the bottom of the editor window.


Hint: When you select an item from the error list (in the status bar area), the corresponding SQL statement is highlighted in the editor area. If you double-click an item, the corresponding SQL statement is highlighted, and the current focus is switched to the editor area (the cursor appears after the highlighted statement).



Note: Execute Script does not show results returned upon SELECT queries execution. Please execute such queries in Query Data to see the result dataset.