Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Execute Script

CheckBox Abort script on error

If this option is checked, script execution is aborted if an error occurs.


CheckBox Show script explorer

If this option is checked then an Explorer group of the Navigation bar is displayed.


CheckBox Show message when done

Displays a message box on finishing script execution.


Environment Options - Tools - SQL Script

CheckBox Execute selected text separately

Check this option to allow execution of the selected statement separately.


CheckBox Don't clear error list on selected text execution

If this option is checked, the error list is not cleared upon execution of the selected statement.


CheckBox Skip unknown statements

Select this option to exclude unidentified statements from parsing.


CheckBox Show DBMS output

Enables/disables redirection of DBMS output to Execute Script log.


CheckBox Disable all code features in Execute Script

This option disables code completion, code folding, highlight and all options that are set on the Code completion page. For options that are set on the Color Scheme page, the defaults will be applied.