Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Oracle Client Checker

The Oracle Client Checker dialog allows you to check the validity of Oracle client(s) identified by SQL Manager.


To call the dialog, use the Client Checker... button which is available at the Setting connection parameters step of Register Database Wizard and in the Connection section of the Database Registration Info dialog.


Oracle client checker


The upper area of the dialog lists Oracle clients as a grid with the following columns:

Oracle Home

Status (Valid/Invalid)

If more convenient, you can change the order of the columns by dragging their headers horizontally.

Click a column caption to sort items by values of this column in the ascending or the descending mode.


The Detail group provides common information on the selected client:

Oracle Home name

Oracle Home

OCI version

TNS names file

NLS Lang



Generate report

All information about oracle client and environment variable can be saved in the external file that can be created by clicking the Generate report button.