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New Table

Relational databases store all their data in Tables. A table is a data structure consisting of an unordered set of horizontal rows, each containing the same number of vertical columns. The intersection of an individual row and column is a field that contains a specific piece of information. Much of the power of relational databases comes from defining the relations among the tables.


Creating Tables


To create a new table:

Hint: To create a new table, you can also right-click the Tables node or any object within this node in the DB Explorer tree and select the New Table item from the context menu.


Renaming Tables


To rename a table:


  • simply press Ctrl+R


Editing Tables


To edit table:



Dropping Tables


To drop table:

  • right-click the table in the DBExplorer and select the Drop Table <table_name> item;


  • select the table and press Ctrl+Del.


Duplicating table


There is a specific wizard for duplicating objects. To copy table use the Duplicate Table <table_name> item from the table context menu. Duplicate object wizard in this case will be opened at the Selecting destination database, as the previous ones provide selecting of source database and object to copy.