Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

How To...

The succeeding pages of this chapter are intended to provide you with brief instructions on how to perform this or that operation correctly using SQL Manager for MySQL.



Work with Databases

Connect to a database

Create a database

Edit database connection parameters

Make work with a database faster

Design a visual database structure

View an ER diagram

Create a database copy

Document a database

Save metadata reports to file

Log database changes

Get an SQL dump

Synchronize two databases


Work with Database Objects

Group objects

Find objects

View dependecies

Get an object DDL


Work with Data

View tables with many records

Set data filter

Sort and group data

Export/import data

Export filtered data

Export data as SQL Script

Edit data of master-detail tables

Add image to table

Set data display format


Work with Queries and Scripts

Create SQL statements rapidly

Control a query productivity

Work with several queries at once

Save most frequently used queries

Execute queries with parameters

Export query results into file

Execute scripts

Execute a large SQL script

Make SQL script work faster

Customize work with Query/Script text

View executed queries and scripts


Manage privileges

Prevent connection timeout

Connect to hosting provider's database

Create a simple report in Report Designer

Transfer program settings

Update SQL Manager

Report bugs and suggestions