On-line Documentation

Connect to a database

If you want to connect to a database that is not registered yet then perform the following operations:

  1. Launch the Register Database wizard by selecting the Database | btnRegisterDB Register Database... main menu item.
  2. If a host where the database is located have not been registered yet then type in its name in the Host name field on the first step of the wizard. Otherwise, select the necessary host from the drop-down list.

Note: To register several databases at once uncheck the CheckBox Register a single database option. In this case you will proceed to the Selecting databases step of the wizard where you will define databases want to be registered.

  1. On the last step of the wizard set database name and specify specific options.
  2. The registered database(s) is/are now displayed in the DB Explorer. To connect to the database double-click its alias or select the btnConnectToDB Connect to Database item of the database context menu.