Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Reorganize Indices

Reorganize Indices step allows you to perform index management operations in your databases: reorganizing, rebuilding, disabling (the ALTER INDEX REORGANIZE ... REBUILD ... DISABLE Transact-SQL statements are issued).


When indexes have pages in which the logical ordering based on the key value does not match the physical ordering inside the data file, these indexes are called fragmented. Highly fragmented indexes may considerably decrease query performance. Index fragmentation is remedied by either reorganizing or by rebuilding an index.


To launch the reorganization of indexes immediately select Quick_Maintenance_Actions Quick Maintenance Actions | ReorganizeIndices Reorganize Indices popup menu item in the Servers tab.


To perform scheduled backup on regular basis you need to include this task into Policy:

1. At Step 2 of the Create Policy wizard click Create new step button and select Reorganize Indices step type.

2. Also, you can create a new Step Template for further use selecting Reorganize Indices step at the Templates tab.


Steps of the Reorganize Indices wizard:

Naming step

Selecting objects

Defining rules

Advanced options

Performing operation