Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Selecting files manually

Using the Select files option you can add manually add backup file stored on the local/network drive or cloud.


Restore Database Wizard_Files



For every selected file displays additional information: Date, Database, Type, Encrypted, First LSN, Storage name, Last LSN, Check Point LSN, Differential Base LSN.


Add Local File/Add Network File

Click this button to search for the backup files on the local (server) or network machine. If backup consists of multiple files (this option is only available for EMS SQL Backup type) you need to specify the first file from the chain. If the backup file includes several databases you are only allowed to select one database at a time.


Add Cloud File

When you select the Add Cloud File option the Select cloud dialog appears. Here you need to specify the cloud which contains the necessary backup file.


Restore Database Wizard - Files - Add cloud


You can create a new connection or add an existing one. On adding an existing connection you will be offered to choose among connections specified in Cloud Connections tab of the Options dialog.

If you create a new connection then after specifying its properties you will be offered to save it, so this connection will be available in Cloud Connections.

To change connection parameters click on its name. Depending on connection type the relevant dialog for configuring connection settings will be opened.


After the cloud is added, click the Ok button to start the process of retrieving files from the cloud. If the connection to the cloud is established and the user has sufficient privileges for getting the list of files, the Select file dialog appears. It contains the list of files located on the cloud.


Restore Database Wizard - Files - Files on cloud


Select the necessary backup file and specify the Local path for download - the path on your local drive where the backup files will be saved after download.

Note: The file for restoring will be added after it is downloaded from the cloud.


ClearList Clear

Removes the selected file from the list.


ClearFiles Clear All

Removes all files from the list.

Use MoveUp and MoveDown buttons to reorder selected files.


Set Password

If the chosen backup is encrypted then click the button to input the password for the backup in the opened dialog:


Restore Database Wizard - Backup password