Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Defining SQL Backup settings

Use this step of the wizard to define EMS SQL Backup backup settings. This step is available only on creating back up by means of EMS SQL Backup.


Service tasks - Backup Database - SQL Angel backup - Defining backup settings



Max Thread Count

Indicates the number of threads to be used for backup operation. Increase the number of threads for faster speed. If you are using a multi-processor system, increasing this value can fasten backup speed. You are recommended to set one thread fewer than the number of processors.


CheckBox Compression

Enable the option to compress backup.


Compression Level

Defines backup file compression level. Use '1' for best speed and '4' for best compression.


CheckBox Encryption

Enable the option to encrypt backup.


Encryption Password

Set password that is used for backup encryption.


Confirm password

Confirm the password specified as an encryption password above.


Encryption Type

Select the encryption algorithm.