Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Transaction Log Shipping

Transaction Log Shipping step allows you to create transaction log backups, ship them to the destination server via a shared folder and restore on the destination server.


To perform log shipping step you must have at least two SQL Server instances; version of destination server cannot be earlier than the source server version; the source database must use the full or bulk-logged recovery model, both servers have access to the shared folder. The databases restored on the destination server stay in Restoring or Standby mode.


Note: This step is not included into Quick_Maintenance_Actions Quick Maintenance Action list. It can be only executed within the Policy.


To perform scheduled log shipping on a regular basis you need to include this task into Policy:

1. At Step 2 of the Create Policy wizard click Create new step button and select Transaction Log Shipping step type.

2. Also, you can create a new Step Template for further use selecting Transaction Log Shipping step at the Templates tab.


Steps of the Transaction Log Shipping wizard:

Naming step

Specify database pairs

Specify backup options

Specify folders and recovery options

Performing operation