Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Specifying cloud connections

Use this step to set cloud connections for storing backups. You can add unlimited number of remote and local storage engines. Copies of backup files will be uploaded to all of the specified storages.

The connections to the following storages are supported:


Service tasks - Backup Database - Specifying cloud connections


You can create a new connection or add an existing one. On adding an existing connection you will be offered to choose among connections specified in Cloud Connections tab of the Options dialog.

If you create a new connection then after specifying its properties you will be offered to save it, so this connection will be available in Cloud Connections.

To change connection parameters click on its name. Depending on connection type the relevant dialog for configuring connection settings will be opened.

Note: If the backup file with the specified name already exists in the storage then it will not be replaced and the upload will be failed.


CheckBox Don't save backup files on the server side

When the backup operation is performed EMS SQL Backup uploads the backup data to cloud storages "on the fly" at the same time when receiving stream from SQL Server. If this option is switched on the data is not written to the local server disk. This allows saving free storage space, but if errors occur when uploading to all of the selected cloud locations there will be no valid backup file(s) available.