Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Specifying backup verifying options

Use this step to configure backup verifying options.


Service tasks - Backup Database - Specifying backup veryfying options



CheckBox Verify backup when finished (VERIFYONLY)

Check this option to enable backup verification. Verifying a backup checks that the backup is intact physically, to ensure that all the files in the backup are readable and can be restored, and that you can restore your backup in the event you need to use it.


CheckBox Perform checksum before writing to media (CHECKSUM)

This option enables/disables checksum verification before writing to the backup media. Before writing a page to the backup media, BACKUP verifies the page, if this information is presented on the page. BACKUP generates a separate backup checksum for the backup streams. Restore operations can optionally use the backup checksum to validate that the backup is not corrupted. The backup checksum can optionally be used at restore time. Using backup checksums may affect workload and backup throughput.


CheckBox Continue on error

This option determines whether the backup operation will be stopped or forced to continue despite encountering errors such as invalid checksums or torn pages.


CheckBox Detect possible backup sequence breaks

This option is available if Differential or Transaction log backup was selected. If the option is switched on the program analyzes SQL Server backup history to check if additional backups were made by some third-party software between the backups required to restore the current backup and generates the warning if such backups are found. Use this option to reveal the cases when backups are performed explicitly using VSS interface, by maintenance plans working on the server or by another third-party software. The restoring procedure may require backup files created by different software in those cases.