Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Database popup menu

This popup menu is available for the database at DB Explorer.


Servers Management - Popup menu - Database


iconServices_BackupDatabase Backup the selected database

iconServices_RestoreDatabase Restore the selected database

GetBackupToConsole Get Backup Files from Server

iconRefresh Refresh databases and policies (or F5 key)

Policy Maintenance Policies

CreatePolicy Create new Policy

CopyFromTemplate Create from Templates to create a policy based on the created template.

ConvertfromMaintenanceplan Convert from Maintenance Plan runs the Maintenance plan conversion wizard.

PausePolicy Pause All Policies on Server stops policy scheduled execution until resuming

ResumePolicies Resume All Policies on Server launches all stopped policies of the server

Quick_Maintenance_Actions Quick Maintenance Actions - open the list of Maintenance Actions for quick launch.

Show_history Show History opens the Viewing Policy History window.

AddToShortcuts Add to selected object to shortcuts