Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

View tables with many records

If your table contains a lot of records you can minimize dataset loading time by:

  1. Setting the number of records to be selected;
  2. Enabling RadioButton Load visible records in order to load only a fixed number of dataset records into memory.


These options can be set only for the selected database on the Data Options page of the Database Registration Info.

Default settings for newly registered databases can be defined on the Grid | Data Options page of the Environment Options dialog.


You can set the maximum number of visible records in the Record Limit counter HowTo - Grid View - Set Record Limit located on the Data View toolbar. Press Enter or click the data grid to apply changes.


If the number of records exceeds the maximum number, the Move all to Selected Fetch all button becomes active. It allows viewing all records in a table.

Use the Grid Mode tab of the Data View context menu to set the display mode. You can choose among the Load All Rows, Load Visible Rows and Default modes.