Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Transfer database from one server to another

Source Server is a server where a database is located.

Target Server is a server to which the database should be moved.


If versions of the source and target servers are the same

You can transfer a database in one of the following ways:

  1. Copy database files from the source server directory to the target server directory. This can be done without SQL Manager for SQL Server. Then attach to explore the complete list of the files for copying use the Data files, Log files and Filestream files and filegroups sections of the Database Properties dialog.
  2. Create a full backup of a database using the Backup Database Wizard and save it to the file (this option is set at the step of selecting backup devices), copy the backup file to any directory of the target server to which the server has read access and then restore the database to a new one using the Restore Database Wizard (this option is set at the step of selecting destination database step).


Note: To perform file copying you need to stop the server or perform the detach database operation and then the attach database operation. Both actions will cause the temporary database offline state.


If versions of the source and target servers are different

Extract database objects structure and data into Execute Script using the Extract Database Wizard and execute the script for the target server using Execute Script.


Note: If you choose not to use the CREATE DATABASE statement during the script execution, you should create a new database before executing a script at the target server.


Note: If versions of the source and target servers are different, in most cases you will have to edit the script manually for it to be executed successfully.


Note: To transfer databases from other formats or servers to the SQL Server, use our EMS Data Pump for SQL Server tool.