Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Setting advanced media options

This step offers advanced options that may be useful for the database backup operation.


Backup Database - Setting advanced backup options



Block size

Define the size of a data block. Possible values are: Default, To restore from CD (2048), Other (i.e. you can specify an arbitrary value).


Tape after backup

Specify whether the tape should be rewound, rewound and unloaded, or kept open when the backup operation is completed.


If necessary, you can set a password for the backup: enter the password twice in the respective edit fields.


CheckBox Verify backup when finished

Check this option to enable backup verification.


CheckBox Perform checksum before writing to media

This option enables/disables checksum verification before writing to the backup media.


CheckBox Continue on error

This option determines whether the backup operation will be stopped or forced to continue if an error occurs.


CheckBox Backup compression

Defines the values that are used to specify the backup compression option.


For backups performed on SQL Server 2014 and higher the following options are available as well.


Backup Database - Setting advanced backup options - Setting encryption



Credential for Windows Azure

This field is available only when creating a backup to the Windows Azure Blob storage service. Use the drop-down list to select the credential for accessing the Windows Azure storage.



Use this drop-down list to specify encryption for a backup. You can specify an encryption algorithm to encrypt the backup with or specify <No encryption> to not have the backup encrypted.


Note: Encryption option is allowed only if the CheckBox Format media option has been set on the previous step.



If you choose to encrypt you also have to specify the encryptor. Encryptors can be a master key certificate or an EKM asymmetric key from a master database.


When you are done, click the Next button to proceed to the Setting data transfer and/or transaction log backup options step of the wizard.