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A Credential is a record containing the authentication information required to connect to a resource outside of SQL Server. Most credentials consist of a Windows login and password.

Credentials allow users that connect to SQL Server using SQL Authentication to connect to Windows or other resources outside of SQL Server.

After creating a credential, you can map it to a login. A single credential can be mapped to multiple SQL Server logins. But a SQL Server login can be mapped to only one credential.



Credential Editor allows you to define credential properties. It opens automatically when you create a new credential and is available on editing an existing one.


To open a credential in Credential Editor, double-click it in the DB Explorer tree. Alternatively, you can right-click the credential alias and select the Edit Credential context menu item.




Full version (for Windows)


Lite version (for Windows)


Note: To compare all features of the Full and the Lite versions of SQL Manager, refer to the Feature Matrix page.



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