Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Viewing job history

The Job History window allows you to browse the list of recently tried jobs and manage this list efficiently.


To launch the tool, select the Services | SQL Server Agent | Job History main menu item, or right-click the host alias in the DB Explorer tree and select the Tasks | Job History item from the context menu.


Job History - Viewing job history



The list displays the recent jobs as a grid with the following columns: Run Date, Job Name, Run Status, Duration, Retries, Sent Email, Sent Pager, Net Sent, Server.


Right-click an item within the list to call the context menu allowing you to filter jobs in list, clear the history of all jobs or of the selected job, refresh the list, or show/hide columns of the list. Using the context menu you can also export the job history list to any of supported output file formats, add, edit and delete jobs.


Job history list management tools are also available through the Navigation bar of the Job History window.



The Steps area displays the list of steps defined for the selected job, with the following attributes pertaining to each step: Step ID, Step Name, Run Status, Error ID, Severity, Run Date, Duration, Retries.


At the bottom of the Job History window the Message area is located. It allows you to view the details of the selected step execution.