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Filtering job history list

The Job History Filter dialog is a filtering facility implemented in Job History list for your convenience.


To open the dialog, right-click within the Job History list and select the Filter... context menu item, or use the corresponding item of the Navigation bar.


Job History - Filtering job history list



The Job History Filter dialog provides the following options for flexible Job History list filtering:


Execution Date Interval

From ... To ...

Set the date interval criteria using the date editor which is activated when you click the Arrow-Down element of the combo-box.


Execution Day Time

From ... To ...

Set the day time interval criteria using the spinner controls.



Minimum Run Duration

Minimum Number of Retries

Specify the minimum duration and number of job retries criteria using the spinner controls.


Run Status

Select the job run status criterion:

RadioButton Any

RadioButton Failed

RadioButton Succeeded

RadioButton Canceled

RadioButton In-progress message

RadioButton Unknown


Execution Error

This group allows you to specify criteria for the jobs that have been run with errors: Error ID, Error message, Error Severity.



Hint: If necessary, you can reset the current filter criteria using the Clear button.