SQL Backup PRO SQL Backup SQL Backup Free
Impressive tool for creating backups
Manage backups of all your servers from a single user-friendly application
Step-by-step wizards to set advanced backup options
Backup of either data, structure or both
Compression to reduce backup size
Black list to exclude objects from backup
White list to filter objects or schemas
Automation of backup process
Quick backup with pre-defined options
Multi-process backup execution
Quick restore from backup launches history
Restore using Restore database wizard
Password protected zip-archives
Encryption of backup files with Blowfish algorithm
Encryption of backup files with AES algorithm
Immediate compression of all backup files
Managing multiple PostgreSQL servers
Support for most of PostgreSQL server versions starting with 7.4 up to the latest one
Secure connection with SSL
Managing SQL backups across multiple PostgreSQL servers
Number of maintained databases for scheduled backup
3 DB
Connection to PostgreSQL Server through SSH
Support of different storages
Support of cloud storages: Dropbox, Google Drive
Support of Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure storages
Support of FTP and Windows network folders (CIFS)
Support of SFTP storage
Displaying of all created backups for each storage
Easy scheduling of backup tasks
Advanced wizard to create scheduled backup tasks
Several schedules can be set for the task
Switch between local time and UTC format
Monitoring task execution
Monitoring task execution results in real-time
Desktop and email notifications for task start and completion
Any task can be paused or re-started at any time