Online Documentation for SQL Backup for PostgreSQL

Configuring structure of backup script

Select options for detailed configuring of statements in the backup.


Data queries statement

Select statements type for data form the list.



Dump data as COPY command. This is the fastest way to restore data.



Dump data as INSERT commands. With this option selected the program generates separate commands for each row, which is rather safe, but slow.


INSERT with column names

Dump data as INSERT commands with explicit column names (INSERT INTO table (column, ...) VALUES ...). It is safe in case of reordering the columns, but very slow.

Backup database - Configuring structure of backup script

Structure options

checkbox Force to create new database

The script for creating and connecting to the new database will be added.


checkbox Include OIDs to table data

Enables dumping of object identifiers (OIDs) for tables.


checkbox Drop objects before creation

The script will contain commands to drop database objects before creating them.


checkbox Add IF EXISTS

DROP IF EXISTS statements will be generated instead of DROP statements.


checkbox Disable triggers temporarily

This option can be enabled only for data dump in plain-text format. It adds command to temporarily disable triggers on the target tables while data is being loaded.


checkbox Disable dollar quoting

This option disables the use of dollar quoting for function bodies, and forces them to be quoted using SQL standard string syntax.


checkbox Exclude tablespaces

With this option enabled commands for selecting tablespace are not added to the result file.


checkbox Force quoting of all identifiers

Adds quotes to all identifiers to keep compatibility between different server versions.


checkbox Load data via partition root

Makes COPY or INSERT statements target the root of the partitioning hierarchy that contains it, rather than the partition itself. This causes the appropriate partition to be re-determined for each row on loading data.


checkbox Add detailed object comments

Adds detailed logs on backup process to the backup file. Enabling this option considerably increases the result file size.