Online Documentation for SQL Backup for PostgreSQL

Configuring backup security options

Set security-related options for the target backup file.


Creator role name

Set the role to be used on creating the dump.



Set the superuser name to disable triggers successfully.

Backup database - Configuring backup security options

Security options

checkbox Disable object ownership commands

Check this option to restrict adding commands to set objects ownership. This allows script to be restored by any user, providing ownership for all objects.


checkbox Exclude privileges

Enable this option if you don't need to dump access privileges.


checkbox Use session auth for object ownership

With this option enabled SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION command is used instead of ALTER OWNER statement.


checkbox Exclude security labels

Enable this option, if you don't need security labels to be added to the backup file.


checkbox Enable row security

This option enables row security to allow user to create backup for the content he has access to.